I began working in animation in 1987 as an apprentice stop motion animator
"A Claymation Christmas Celebration" for Will Vinton Productions in
Portland, Oregon. In 1994 I was given the opportunity to begin working in
Computer Animation for Pixar Animation Studios in Richmond, California on
"Toy Story." In 1996 I moved to Los Angeles to work on "Dinosaur" for Walt
Disney Feature Animation.

My main focus has been Character Animation and over the years I have had
the opportunity to have worked on a variety of successful projects large and
small, Animated Feature films, Feature Effects films, Television Specials,
Commercials and Video Game productions.

I have worked for a variety of studios and on a variety of schedules and have
worked with animation packages
Menv, Softimage, MAYA, Softimage XSI and
Lightwave as well as have worked with  Motion Builder creating
sub assemblies, and
NUKE compositing programs.

I live in Long Beach, California with my wife and son and I am always seeking a
staff position with a studio in the Los Angeles area, but as my experience
reflects I do not shy away from  project hire opportunities.

-Tom Gurney

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with:

Shawn Levy..."Real Steel" Digital Domain
Michael Bay...
Transformer 2 "Revenge of the Fallen," Digital Domain
Rob Cohen...
The Mummy "The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" Digital Domain
Stan Winston...
"Garfield" Stan Winston Digital
Sam Raimi...
"Spiderman" Sony Pictures Imageworks
Eric Leighton...
"Dinosaur" Walt Disney Feature Animation
John Lasseter...
"Toy Story" Pixar Animation Studios
Pete Doctor...
"Toy Story" Pixar Animation Studios
Will Vinton...
"California Raisins" and "Dominos Noid," Will Vinton
Tom Gurney
Cell: (818)359-7718